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Masonic Research Survey

About this survey …

Bro. Ken JP Stuczynski, a member of the Western New York Lodge of Research, is putting together a book on research-oriented Lodges and bodies, including

  • Lodges and Chapters of Research 
  • Research Societies
  • Masonic Blogs, Podcasts, and Educational Websites
  • Masonic Book Clubs and Publishers

Many Lodges and organizations are already researched for including, including

  • Quatuor Coronati
  • Western New York Lodge of Research
  • American Lodge of Research
  • Infinity Lodge of Study & Research
  • Texas Lodge of Research
  • Virginia Research Lodge
  • Research Lodge of the Grand Lodge of Japan
  • Lebanon Research Lodge

If you are a member and have information on any group or organization that would likely be included, please use the form on this page and the author will reach out to you.

If you have any problems using this form or with to speak directly with the author, contact him at 716-868-1329 /