Amorphous Press

First, the Sticker Shock …

We don’t pay people up front to write books. Except for established authors and the rare deal, that’s a thing of the past. Instead, we charge for the setup cost and provide ongoing worldwide distribution with only a commission on sales.

Full development and production cost starts at US$2500 and includes

  • General proofreading and formatting
  • ISBNs for print and ebook
  • Formatting of cover art that you provide
  • All print setup details

Okay, this is a steal compared to larger firms, but the point is we can’t do it for free, so please don’t ask us to. We pick and choose clients. We work with them closely through the whole process. It could be a major work you plan to promote and go on book tours for, or a vanity project for family and friends. Whatever your publishing dream, we and our other authors will support you!

Cost Considerations

Number of pages (can be estimated by word count)

Color illustrations

Amorphous Press offers book development and print-on-demand in hardcover, softcover, and ebook format. Our distribution reach is over 38,000 outlets including online and off-line bookstores, libraries, and schools.

Once published, you may distribute the eBook outside our distribution however you choose. Print copies will always be available to you at printing and shipping cost plus US$1 per book. Anything over this and seller compensation is paid to you about 90 days after a month’s sales, or accumulated for the following month if payout is under $100.

Caveats …

we are not a publicist, as promotion would be handled by you or an agent at your discretion.