Amorphous Press

Number Seven and the Life Left Behind

The life you leave behind may be your own…

Number Seven is a soldier-turned-bodyguard. His assignment: keep sheltered Olympic hopeful Kirill Morozov unharmed, untouched, and under control until he wins the gold. An easy job if only Kirill weren’t so desperate for a woman’s touch. And if Seven’s superior, Number Two, weren’t scrutinizing their every move.Seven enlists an old friend to satisfy Kirill’s lonely needs. But Number Two discovers their extracurricular activities, dropping Seven into a labyrinth of indecent proposals and explosive conspiracies and leaving him and his friends with only one choice for survival: run.How long can Seven stay out of the crosshairs of his fellow agents? How far will he go to protect his friends? And what might he lose on the way – his friendships, his love, or even his very life?

Author: Mayumi Hirtzel

Softcover (123 pages) / eBook