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Some White Guy’s Book

Some White Guy’s Book

Unexpected Memoirs, Thoughts, and Facts about Race and Ethnicity in America

An admitted “White Guy” tackles the complicated subject of race and ethnicity in America. With unique life experiences and unconventional ways of thinking, the author covers the disparate ways we view history, society, and ourselves. From White guilt to cancel culture, Southern pride to religious intolerance, no subject is off-limits. Challenging political correctness and canned arguments, Some White Guy’s Book candidly explores different sides of issues, why we believe what we do, and what roles White people and People of Color can play in building a common future. This work digs deep into how prejudices of color intersect poverty, crime, the justice system, religion, and patriotism. It includes first-hand experience and research of the George Floyd protests, contrasted with the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.


Author: Ken JP Stuczynski

Softcover / eBook

The Birth of Hip Hop

The Birth of Hip Hop

“Rapper’s Delight”—The Gene Anderson Story

The early history of Hip Hop, in the words of the man who was there in the middle of it—Gene “Poo Poo Man” Anderson.

Softcover (134 pages, over 50 historic photos) – $19.99

A playlist of music referenced in the book can be found HERE.

Visit Gene Anderson’s website, PooPooMan.Com

Number Seven and the Life Left Behind

Number Seven and the Life Left Behind

The life you leave behind may be your own…

Number Seven is a soldier-turned-bodyguard. His assignment: keep sheltered Olympic hopeful Kirill Morozov unharmed, untouched, and under control until he wins the gold. An easy job if only Kirill weren’t so desperate for a woman’s touch. And if Seven’s superior, Number Two, weren’t scrutinizing their every move.Seven enlists an old friend to satisfy Kirill’s lonely needs. But Number Two discovers their extracurricular activities, dropping Seven into a labyrinth of indecent proposals and explosive conspiracies and leaving him and his friends with only one choice for survival: run.How long can Seven stay out of the crosshairs of his fellow agents? How far will he go to protect his friends? And what might he lose on the way – his friendships, his love, or even his very life?

Author: Mayumi Hirtzel

Softcover (123 pages) / eBook